Howdy – This Is My Speakers Page


I’m assuming if you’ve come here, your curious about me talking to you or your team, or even to your conference.

This is the right page.

Here are some samples of my work. The schedule is avail upon request – just feel free to reach out and we will talk.

In the name of transparency, I’ll have some of the workshops and talks I am working on as well as some of the talks I’ve prepared, and if I’m really on the ball, this will be updated at least once a quarter. Also – these titles change :-).


I am constantly trying to learn how to make products that matter, and sharing that with the people around me. If you go to one of my talks, the goal is to have you say to yourself “I’ve got one way to make this next project impactful, and here is how I’ll do it.” If you don’t, I’ve failed.

In Draft

  • Ego Driven Development and Why It Fails To Push Innovation
  • Crafting Research Culture and Why You Need It For True Innovation
  • Product Briefs – Frame Your Problem

Current Talks

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