In Help We Trust – 2019!

What do I want in 2019

To keep myself honest, I make a page, each year, with quantifiable goals. Whenever someone asks me if there is something they can do for me, I direct them here.

2nd Quarter!

Always improve your base – How am I improving my infrastructure?

  • Improve my Yoga practice – I got into a class in Harlem Saturday mornings. But I am curious, how do I get better? How often should I do it? Is there an app that I can throw into my morning routine?  All beginner tips welcomed.
  • Speaking Spanish – Finished Level 1 of Babbel Spanish! Now I want to get more confident speaking it. How do I infuse some Spanish speaking during the day?
  • Web Presence – My website and blog need an overhaul. I am going to start fresh, with the added bonus of refreshing my HTML/CSS/JS/Design skills. Would love to get resources or tips!

The bills matter, man and not just yours – How am I improving a financial situation?

The community is missing input/output – How am I sharing/learning?

  • I’d love to talk about SaaS pricing – I’ve been working on pricing for about six months now, and I love to know more about it and/or share what I’ve learned. If you are in either camp, reach out.
  • I’ve gotten better at saving through using saving apps like Digit and Qapital. If you want to know how secret savings may be the key to building your nest egg, reach out!
  • V2 of my “Create Every Day” series is around the corner. If you ever wanted to start a writing practice, I am happy to share it with you and talk to your team!

This page is the only place on my blog where I’ll have comments, so feel free to let me know about the blog or ask about my goals, and I’ll make sure to give you an update.  The context of my needs can is in my 2018 review, as well as the quarterly updates, linked below: